How to Register your FPV Drone with FAA

Are you concerned if you should register your newly purchased FPV drone?

And if you should, then how do you register? 

In recent years, there has been a sudden increase in the number of drones owned by individuals. To help in easy supervision of the drones violating the airspace restrictions and related regulations; registering your unmanned aerial system (UAS) is necessary.

The purpose of this post is to enlighten you on the drone registration process. It’s a quick and straightforward process.

Who should you register your FPV drone with?

The Federal Aviation Administration ( is a government body that is responsible for general civil aviation safety.

Given that they are responsible for the aviation safety, they issue regulations and licenses.

If you are an owner of a new FPV drone, then you should register it with the FAA. However, there are some drones that need not be registered with the FAA. You will be able to find more details in the below steps.

First, do you need to register your drone with FAA?

You should take the following 3 questions into consideration, to find out if you should register for:

  • Purpose of buying the drone;
  • The weight of the drone;
  • The location of where you will fly the drone.

Answers to the 3 questions will help determine whether you have to register your FPV drone with the FAA or not.

So if you own a tiny drone that weighs less than 14 ounces and flies within your home or office territory, you are not obliged by the FAA regulations to register the craft.

But if you have an unmanned aerial vehicle that weighs 14 ounces and above such as most racing drones, then you have to go through the registration process. 

You can refer to the PDF on the FAA site for additional guidance for this.

Steps to register your FPV drone with the FAA

If you are ready for it then let me take you through the procedure;

1.  Fulfill the following requirements

Having taken on the step to go register your craft, you have to fulfill the following requirements too;

  • You have to be aged at least 13 years
  • If you haven’t attained age 13, then you have to rely on someone else who qualifies to register the drone
  • You have to be either a US citizen or a legal permanent resident

The online registration only holds for drones that weigh between 0.55lbs to 55lbs. Otherwise, for crafts exceeding that weight range, the paper registration is mandatory.

In addition to the above requirements you also need;

  • A valid email address
  • Credit card or debit card
  • Your physical address and the mailing address too

2. Visit the FAA’s website

Having passed the above requirements then go to the FAAs website for registration. 

Log into the website to officially begin the registration process.

3. Create an account

Once you are on the homepage, click on the ‘Register’ button next to the Fly under sUAS Part 107 section of the page. Then enter your email address and your preferred password to create an account. Having done so, the system automatically sends you the confirmation email

4. Verify your account

Shortly after creating the account, a verification email will be sent your inbox. Clicking on the blue URL link verifies your account then redirects you back to the site to proceed with the registration. However, if you don’t receive the confirmation email soon enough, typically within seconds, then instruct the website to resend the confirmation link again.

5. Agree to the website’s system use notice

Once you have confirmed the link and have been redirected back to the site, a pop-up menu will appear. The menu highlights the terms and conditions for using the website.

 The platform further provides for a link explaining the use of the personal information entered on the site. After going through the terms and conditions, clicking on, “I agree” takes you back to the registration screen.

6. Choose model aircraft 

Assuming, you are one of the many users who fly drones as a hobby, then just click on the model aircraft. Other groups who should also select the model aircraft option include pilots flying for a class or higher thesis work.

Whereas the model aircraft pilots provide on their names, physical address and mailing address, the commercial aircraft registration demands that you give the following information too about your UAV;

  • Make
  • Model
  • Your drone’s serial number

7.    Submit the registration fee

To get the registration code, you have part with some money. The cost of the fee to register your FPV drone with the FAA is $5. The payment covers you for three years. The registration fee is cheaper when compared to the fine you may attract if you fail to register your FPV drone with FAA.

But before paying the registration fee, you will be provided with the last chance to review the personal data just submitted.

8. Acknowledge the safety guidance

The safety guidance among others includes agreeing to the following;

  • Always flying under 400 feet
  • Always maintaining the direct line of sight when flying the drone
  • Never flying directly over the stadium, people, sports gathering or near airports

Read through the entire safety rules listed on the page then tick the “I have read and understood the safety requirement.”

Finally, click done and provide your appropriate payment method. It could be a credit card or a debit card.

9. Print your small UAS registration certificate

The last step involves downloading the certificate from your email. The registration number must clearly appear on all your drones. The registration certificate will be valid for three years. After which you will be required by the FAA rules to register once more.

Reasons to Register your Drone with FAA

  • Gain the freedom to fly your craft under the FAA rules

When you don’t register your drone, you will always be suspicious of getting caught.  Secondly, I don’t think you may like to be in conflict with the law.

  • The process is simple and affordable too

Online registration for the drones weighing 0.55lbs to 55lbs is a simple process. It might require about 5 minutes of your time. In addition, it costs only $5. And every registration gives you a license valid for three years!

  • It promotes the spirit of taking responsibility for mistakes

With all the drones registered, it’s easy to trace their owners. Thus in cases of accidents involving a drone, there will always be someone to bear the burden.  


A good citizen will always strive to abide by the laws. Registering your FPV drone is one step towards being a law-abiding citizen. Not only does it give you the freedom to fly your drone as the rules stipulate, but you also get to practice safe flying too.