FPV Drone Racing – 3 Best Leagues

Since the birth of drone technology, many people have adopted it. And currently, the use of the drone has penetrated different sectors. For example, it has eased search and rescue operations, photography, even the transportation and deliveries have adopted it too.

But in the recent past, it’s fast getting into the racing sports. In fact, the first person view (FPV) racing is speedily taking grip on many people and increasingly becoming a trendy sport. 

When you consider it’s swiftly gaining popularity, it’s only a matter of time until it gives the mainstream racing a stiff competition. 

Then we have the dawn of FPV goggles. That has made close watch over the drone, keeping check of its speed and dodging accidents much simpler than before. 

Thus the blending of the FPV goggles and the FPV racing drones has pumped professionalism and sophistication into the game. And that has enabled the FPV racing to have a hard thrilling grip on racers and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) fans.  

So how old is FPV drone racing?

As a sport, drone racing can be traced back to late 2013 to early 2014. 

And since that time the number of UAV fans which are incorporating the technology is ever increasing. FPV goggles have injected a good dose of thrill into the FPV racing sport. No wonder even the established racing sports are feeling the heat of the competition on their global fans. 

How does FPV drone racing works?

FPV drone racing sports employs small aircraft or quadcopters. Only that the pilots don’t stand on the ground or rely on direct eyesight to control the drones. Instead, they control the drones from the comfort of their seats or on their feet, thanks to the FPV technology. 

The FPV drones have live streaming cameras fixed at their front tips. The cameras transmit the live video feeds to the pilot and displays them on the head mounted goggles or monitor. The video signals are transmitted through radio waves. 

That gives the pilot an effective control over the aerial vehicles.  With FPV drones the user can cover a greater distance both vertically and horizontally.

And the drone that takes the shortest duration to complete the race becomes the winner!

The Best International FPV Drone Racing Leagues

Although any drone can be used for racing, FPV racing drones have to satisfy particular requirements. Consequently, they are divided into various classes. With each class having the drone of a particular power, size and craft type. 

With that said, here are the best three FPV drone racing leagues;

1. The MultiGP

The league outlines the requirements for the drone racing. The participants who wish to participate in the leagues then have to craft their drones within the predefined specifications. Currently, the professional league boasts more than 1000 chapters spread out through different regions like the United Kingdom, South Africa, Asia, and Australia

The MultiGP league is the sole governing body that hosts racing competition from the ground to professional level.

Although the league has more than 1,000 chapters spread out worldwide, it lays out the standards for devising its courses thus maintaining the safety levels.

In addition on the basis of the standardized courses through the Universal Time Trial Track program, the league gives global grades to its pilots. 

2. Drone racing league, DRL

The DRL is an internationally recognized professional racing league. The league is obliged to manufacture and supply the racing drones to the participants. In addition when there need be it can also supply the drones’ parts too. 

Generally, DRL designs courses that cover about a mile long and stimulated by scientific fictions. Furthermore, these courses are three-dimensional, multifaceted but spread out all over the world.

Here is a video of how FPV Drone Racing looks courtesy the DRL:

3. The DR1 Racing Champions’ Series 

It’s a league that supports the global-based outdoor flying racing courses. The design of their racing courses incorporates both environmental factors and racing guidelines.