6 Essential DJI Phantom 4 Drone Accessories

To make the best use of DJI Phantom 4 drones, there are the fundamental accessories you must have. Think about the inconvenience of arriving in the field without a memory card. Worse still if you find your drone running out of charge and you have no spare battery.

From everyday use of the DJI Phantom 4 drone, here are the most important accessories to always keep by your side.

  1. Backup battery

A drone without power is of no use. From racing to taking shots of images, you need power. So it’s the first accessory you mustn’t forget. In the real world, the average time provided by a Phantom 4 battery is around 20 to 23 minutes.

Thus in demanding usage, one battery won’t be sufficient. Before you go out, therefore, carry around 2 or three extra fully charged batteries. That should guarantee you about an hour of flight time. For instance, consider the Joybros replacement batteries. With its 5870mah rating, it will extend your flight time to a maximum of 30 minutes. That’s plenty of time, isn’t it?

  1. Car charger or power inverter

It’s possible to be engaged in activities requiring power for more than an hour. To be extra safe you’ll have power when you need it, carry along either a car inverter or car charger or any power storage device.

If you can lay your hands on Bestek 300W Power Inverter it’s better. Through it, you won’t just charge your drone with the wall charger, but also your laptop will benefit too. You simply plug it into the car cigarette lighter socket.

If you need the quick option to charge many batteries simultaneously, then keep the DJI Phantom 4 intelligent battery charging hub within your car. It will enable you to charge three flight batteries.

  1. Extra storage device

Have you ever arrived at a prime location for taking pictures only to learn that you don’t have your memory card with you? I understand clearly how irritating it is. So as a precautionary measure, store extra micro SD cards in your car or bag. Moreover, when photo or video shooting images at 4k resolution with your DJI Phantom 4 drone, it depletes the memory pretty fast.

That means you will require a large capacity backup device. You can, therefore, have a hard drive or a 32GB or 64GB micro SD card as your back up storage device. If you are backing up your valuables in two or more devices, it pays to keep them in separate places. That way there is less risk of losing all of them at once.

The SanDisk microSD card is one such memory device to speak of. It not only has high memory capacity but also supports a high data transfer speed of 100mb per second. Apart from their high video class rating of V30, these cards are water, temperature, shock and x-ray proof. That provides extra protection to your valuable data.

  1. Standby propellers

Every drone user has faced the disappointment at one time or the other; drone crash. If you haven’t then it’s just about the corner, and you never know when it’s going to happen.  Crashes can lead to either total or partial damage to the propeller.

Racing with a partly spoilt blade is courting danger; it provides the perfect condition for another crash.  It is, therefore, safe to have an extra pair of propellers like the DJI quick-release propellers; these propellers provide the perfect substitute for the original DJI Phantom 4 propellers. Moreover, they feature the quick to release design for easy installation.

  1. Range extender

One admirable feature about DJI Phantom 4 is its long-range about several miles. It thus implies that you can fly the drone over along range. However, it doesn’t always turn out that way unless you are operating the drone on a clear line of sight.

Obstacles along the way like mountains, tall buildings, and trees often weaken the signal.  A range extender booster enables you to explore the full range of the drone. It provides stable and reliable signal strength even when it meets signal jammers.

One such range extender to consider is the TOZO range extender. The TOZO range extender is lightweight; 3.52 ounces thus won’t add significant weight. And when not in use it is easy to remove for safe storage.

  1. Convenient drone backpack bag

The typical DJI phantom 4 casing isn’t bad and suits carrying the equipment over a short distance. However, carrying it in such a cover over a long period isn’t that comfortable.

Moreover, when you go hiking, you will have to carry additional pieces of equipment. Owing to its size, the standard casing can’t easily fit into another bag.

Choosing a convenient carrying case, will not only increase your comfort but also provides you with quick access. Besides, it is even possible to find a bag that houses the DJI Phantom 4, its spare batteries and the controller.

For instance, the Smatree Phantom 4 backpack is ideal. It’s large enough to store the original Styrofoam case of the drone, customized space for a Smartphone, propellers. Besides owing to its adjustable cells, you can store 4packs of batteries. Apart from the padded shoulder straps, this Smatree backpack is a safe and comfortable way to carry around your DJI phantom 4.


With the above DJI Phantom 4 Drone Accessories, your flight and photo shooting won’t be hindered. All you have to do then is pack up your accessories in a nice backpack when going hiking or visiting a prime drone racing location.