Best Photography Drones

Drone technology is one of the most notable developments in the field of photography, at least for the last 2-3 years. Presently, almost everyone has a chance to enjoy high-flying cameras that allows easy capturing of distinctive shots. Drones are becoming fun for professional photographers as well as people who wish to take their photography skills a notch higher – literally.

Photography drones are changing the inspection of bridges, cargoes, including the tracking of wildlife. It has never been this easy to take aerial pictures of unbelievably striking settings, most of all hard to reach areas. Drones, also termed as sky-high flying or unmanned cameras, in the ever-changing photography industry, are without a doubt, the ground-breaking innovation in photography. Photography drones are adding oomph in the hands of photography enthusiasts, giving rise to a revolutionary way of perceiving photography and cinematography.

Drones come in different varieties, sizes, and shapes. The value of the best drone with camera is based on the camera qualities or features, including the flying features of the drone. These features add up to the pricing of the drones. However, there are less expensive photography drones that can pick-up pricey DSLR cameras and fly up into the heavens smoothly. It is still possible to attach a Go Pro to various units that can bolster the camera gear for quality and efficiency. With a wide selection of photography drones in the market, one can be spoiled for choice.

You can own a photography drone today and change your photography heights and dreams at the touch of a hand-held remote controller. You only need to understand the camera type, battery life and also the speed versus height of the drone. Most of all, you must be aware of the rules set for using the drone in your region, for example, the Federal Aviation Administration rules in the US. The following are some of the best drones for photography that you can buy.

Let’s Have a Look At The Top Drones For Photography

DJI Phantom 4

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DJI Phantom 4 is an intelligent innovation that brings in more intelligence and renewed imagination for photographers and cinematographers. DJI is taking their innovation to a whole new level with Phantom 4 that is considered one of the smartest and fastest drones so far. It is designed to fly intelligently at the tap of the remote controller. It gives you easy tracking of shots as it flies over and about obstacles without crashing. Phantom 4 is designed with a dual compass functionality that lowers redundancies.

Nothing marvels the mind and heart of a cinematographer than a powerful drone camera built for the sky. Videographers can now create remarkable footage with this camera that captures 4K video at about 30 frames per second. This can also be done in slow motion at 1080p at 120 frames per second. It is also built for speed. It flies at about 45mph in sport mode. It’s enjoyable and super easy to control for a first-time user.

Key specifications

  • GPS technology for automatic takeoff and landing. It also helps with control.
  • 4K video HD resolution
  • 12.0 megapixels for clear pictures.
  • f/2.8 lens for super clear photos
  • Built with a stabilization technology
  • Built-in video editor
  • Has intelligent flight functionalities
  • Has obstacle sensors
  • High-speed flight – 45mph

DJI Phantom 4 is built with absolutely flight intelligent support features that do not allow “phantom” to go down the drain. DJI makes Phantom 4 stand out with its dual satellite positioning feature as well as an updated vision positioning structure that makes it extra safe. Users can now transform their flight experiences, whether indoors or outdoors, with Phantom 4 that does not go crashing into objects. The following is what is available in the box:

DJI Phantom 4 kit

  • Aircraft body
  • 4 pairs of propellers
  • Remote control
  • Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Operator manual
  • Power cable
  • USB cable
  • Micro SD card
  • Carrying bag

Camera stabilization has been a significant challenge in drones with cameras. The shaking and vibrating as the drone is airborne may affect picture quality. This is something that DJI Phantom 4 has solved, further outdoing its predecessors. Phantom 4 has a unique 3 axis u-framed camera stabilization framework that neutralizes undesirable shakes or vibration while the drone is airborne. This makes pictures or video footage extra clear, thus leaving a photographer or cinematographer with terrific quality all the time. Head over here if you need additional accessories for the Phantom 4.

DJI Inspire 1

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DJI Inspire 1 has acquired the new title of perfect innovation, with its glossy design and extraordinary gimbal engineering. Inspire 1 is dynamic and gives users an easy time maneuvering the drone in the air with clear-shot cameras and distinct sensory systems. It carries magnificent features that imitate the quad-copter. Indeed features that leave many aerial photographers in awe and inspiration. Literally, anyone can take scenic pictures and film shots of a landscape and the sky from the ground up. Most of all, you can fit in several cameras on the go.

Key specifications

  • The best for super professional pictures and film shots
  • A built-in aerial framework that makes it ready to fly.
  • 4K camera, 30 fps, pegged on a 3 axis stabilization gimbal.
  • Unhindered 360° shooting
  • Live high definition video transmission through Lightbridge.
  • 18 minutes of flight time.
  • 12 megapixels camera resolution
  • A maximum speed of 49 mph in ATTI function.
  • Dual operations mode.
  • Multiple Zen muse camera modalities

One incredible feature that never stops to surprise the users is the dual operator functionality that allows one individual to fly it while another one controls the camera. This may sound like a need for an extra hand in handling it, but it is a feature that adds more fun. Conversely, it is necessary to point out that the moment you choose to fly on dual mode; it is not possible to fly Inspire 1 solo. This is what enhances the pleasure, exclusively in people who love working as a team. With a touch of talent and limitless creativity, flying this drone is an experience of a lifetime. The following is what is contained in the box:

DJI Inspire 1 kit

  • Additional propellers
  • One and two controllers
  • A carrying case
  • Extra batteries

DJI Inspire 1 is considered one of the best drones for photography, particularly for people who desire large drones. The multi-functionalities and flexibility are the product of inventive design and engineering that transform the way professionals take shots in-flight. Nothing mesmerizes like panoramic images, expressively from a 360-degree camera rotation framework. Indeed the world is full of bliss with DJI Inspire 1.

The scenery is typically in your hand with the four-thirds cameras in Inspire 1 that is designed purely for upbeat photography. If you are looking for quality shots, then look no further than DJI Inspire 1. It is easy to use, even for a beginner and professional drone handlers alike. Every feature and modality, mounted on this drone, enhances every shot before and after it is airborne. Flying the drone has never been this boisterous.

DJI Inspire 2


Designers and engineers developed Inspire 1 even further for increased value and quality to professional users and the general public. They ended up with a strong and tough design than Inspire 1, naming it Inspire 2. Mainly, this progressive development of Inspire drones is evident with the strategic introduction of 2 completely different cameras. This is a feature that makes it the best drone with camera in this series. One of the cameras is attached under the drone, providing a complete 360 degrees camera rotation, while the other camera provides an improved frontal view, as it is attached in the front of the aircraft.

Key specifications

  • 30 megapixels in raw functionality
  • 5.2K video resolution – 60fps
  • 27 minutes of flight time
  • Dual operator functions –
  • Uses 2 cameras
  • Sensory system

DJI Inspire 2 brings into the equation two operators, who work collaboratively in taking pictures as well as controlling the aircraft. One person can choose to control the craft by the use of a remote controller while relying on the frontal camera, whereas the other one can enjoy planetary 360 degrees views through the camera attached at the bottom of the drone’s framework. This is not only professional but also exciting to a team destined to explore an action-packed setting.

DJI Inspire 2 kit

  • Extra batteries
  • Operator manual
  • USB cables
  • Micro SD card
  • Carrying bag
  • Remote controller

DJI Inspire 2 came at the right time when the company introduced the Zen Muse x5 as well as the X5R cameras. This has since been the reason for the continued use of Inspire 2 in professional filmmaking industry across the world. Inspire 2 understands everything about Inspire 1 and surpasses its strengths. Speed is one of the crucial features that improve significantly; with the Inspire 2 recording a whopping speed of about 50 miles per hour. It is also important to note that this speed has the possibility of rising to about 58 miles per hour, which makes it one of the best drones for photography.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro


DJI introduces a new camera drone model that has innovative and latest features for both professional and recreational photography activities. DJI Mavic 2 Pro is manufactured by Hasselblad from Sweden, with a sophisticated focus on efficiency, handling, and unique photos. It has one of a kind 1 inch CMOS sensor and a 20-megapixel camera that brings a new dimension in aerial photography. Photographers are yet to experience the high resolution with DJI Mavic 2 Pro and improved color balance.

Key specifications

  • 20 megapixels resolution for clear and appealing photos
  • 4X video resolution (HDR) that brings film close to reality
  • 31 minutes of full flight time
  • Can do approximately 45 Miles Per Hour that is about 72 kilometers per hour, when in sport functionality
  • Can be folded for ease of transport
  • Has intelligent flight functionalities
  • Has obstacle sensors

This drone unveils a new feature that allows it to sense obstacles from all 5 directions: the front side, back, down, left or right side. DJI Mavic 2 Pro is designed with updated functionalities that give it super intelligence, especially with its point of interest, active tracking and way pointing. Taking pictures and videos is now seamless as the drone takes creativity to the next level.

DJI Fly More Kit

The fly-more features have been upgraded entirely to the fly more kit. The kit provides the photographer with every necessary feature needed in achieving maximum flight time.

Accessories of DJI Fly More Kit

  • Two surplus batteries
  • Two supplementary pairs of propellers
  • Shoulder bag
  • Vehicle charger
  • Charging unit
  • Battery to power bank adapter

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Accessories

  • Shoulder bag
  • Battery to power bank
  • Backpack
  • DJI Goggles RE

DJI Mavic 2 Pro has created a new way of viewing drone photography and videography in the present day. Journalists, globetrotters, bloggers and anyone charmed with producing documentaries, are beginning to fall in love with DJI Mavic 2 Pro. This drone type is unquestionably putting a touch of professionalism in photos and videos as well as paving the way boundless imagination for remote handlers.

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom


DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, like the name suggests, is a type of drone that brings forth a chic, yet powerful zooming feature. Photographers and cinematographers alike enjoy the new zooming feature that widens their shots even further. The drone is designed with a 24 mm to 48 mm zoom optical lens that provides the users with 2X optical zoom as well as 2X digital zoom. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom is indeed changing the way landscape photos done these days. This drone camera also contains an improved quick-shot functionality that adds creativity and excitement in photography.

Key specifications

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom shares a lot of features with DJI Mavic 2 Pro, even though Pro is more advanced.

  • 12 megapixels resolution
  • 4X Lossless Zoom video resolution (FHD)
  • 31 minutes of full flight time
  • 45 MPH that is about 72 KPH, when in sport functionality
  • Can be folded for transportability
  • Has intelligent flight functionalities
  • Has obstacle sensors
  • 2X optical zoom
  • 2X digital zoom

Both the pro version as well as the zoom model carries improved tracking features. However, zoom goes a notch higher. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom has fused autofocus that increases by approximately 40% with increasing precision. The Zoom drone still gives you professional experience with whimsical camera shots.

DJI Fly More Kit

The fly kit has gone an extra mile, from the base type to the fly more kit. This kit offers you with all the essential features you require in the best drone with camera, which includes the highest flight duration. This extra duration on flight gives you an exceptional opportunity to take extra perfect pictures or videos. The kit integrates the following:

  • Two additional batteries
  • Vehicle charger
  • Two pairs of propellers
  • Charging hub
  • Shoulder bag
  • Battery to power bank adapter

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom accessories

  • Shoulder bag
  • Goggles RE
  • Backpack
  • Battery to power bank adapter
  • Polar-pro shutter collection: cinematic series

The present-day photography and videography cannot be compared to the traditional ways of doing things. Even the first camera drones cannot be compared to this new piece of innovation – DJI Mavic 2 Zoom. This is a drone that has come to change the way out-and-out travelers, holidaymakers, and tourists view the world. Landscapes can now be seen from a different angle altogether, with the noticeable 2X zoom lens that paints panoramic views like never before. Most of all, quick-shot is another modality that cannot be overlooked. This is precisely what adds fun to creativity. It titivates what appears an artless background, making it astronomical to the human eye.

DJI Mavic Air


DJI Mavic Air is a product of ingenious design and engineering skills. It is built with innovative features and improved functions that allow photographers to take their career to places that no man has fathomed. Mavic Air fosters adventure in photography and videography. You can move around with ease because it can be folded to the size of a smartphone. Moreover, it gives you a super high flight performance, and functionality than any Mavic series has attempted. With a smart capture feature, you can launch and control the drone by merely using gestures. Get ready to explore the world with DJI Mavic Air in hand. Below is a list of key specs:

Key specifications

  • Sufficient storage facility – 8GB of internal storage and Micro SD Card for extra space
  • Active tracking of moving or static objects
  • 6 Quick shot channels
  • Smart capture
  • Advanced sensor VIO technology
  • A flight time of 21 minutes
  • High efficiency with motors and ESCs
  • 32 Megapixel sphere panoramic cameras
  • Portable – easy to fold and carry around
  • 4K HDR resolution at 30 fps
  • 12.0 megapixels cameras
  • A highly responsive remote controller
  • Redundant sensors, including GPS and GLONASS

Mavic Air is extremely intelligent, with the inbuilt HDR algorithms that enable proper balancing of light even in the darkest settings for great shots. It is designed with a touch of geometric elegance in mind. Its arms fold seamlessly against its framework. With what the designers call a “3D foldable design;” Mavic Air is transformed with a touch of a button into the size of an ordinary smartphone in a matter of seconds.

DJI Mavic Air kit

  • Drone with remote controller
  • Intelligent flight batteries
  • Charging cable
  • 4 pairs of propellers
  • A set of propeller protectors
  • Lighting cable
  • USB cables
  • Gimbal guard and a pair of control sticks
  • USB adapter
  • Carrying bag

You need steady shots with the best drone with camera? Mavic Air is all you need. With its 3 axis gimbal camera, say goodbye to shaky and distorted pictures. For panoramic views, the 32-megapixel sphere camera brings everything to life. Mavic Air can take 25 photos in 8 seconds. It comes with special DJI Goggles that gives you an up-close and personal view of the absolutely clear pictures. No second is lost with the 4K 100 Mbps video feature that promises you an ultra UHD quality. As if it is not enough, the slow-motion video modality creates an unparalleled opportunity to capture high-speed explorations. You only need to put your eyes close to the ground to get a good shot of wildlife on the move with your DJI Mavic Air drone.

Yuneec Mantis Q


Yuneec Mantis Q is a tiny yet super effective drone that is designed with leading-edge technology. Can you imagine commanding the Mantis Q to start taking photos or video shots just by your voice? Yes, you can control it by your voice. It’s that simple. Just command: “Take Picture” and it will jump into action. It also has one of a kind face recognition system that can take pictures from about 13 feet away. Just wave, and Mantis Q will take a shot. Talk of portability; you have nothing to worry about when traveling long distances to get the perfect shot. There is always a reason why the engineers called this drone the mantis. It performs and jumps in a super-sonic speed, just like the mantis.

This drone can be used for both indoors and outdoors.

Key specifications

  • A flight time of 33 minutes
  • 4K HD video with a maximum of 1080 with stable images
  • Voice controlling
  • Foldable – easy to travel around
  • Able to fly to the point of interest as well as returning home
  • Visual tracking ability
  • Can do approximately 72kph when in sport function
  • Can make social media posting on the spot
  • Super silent and energy efficient
  • GPS positioning
  • Controllable geo-fence
  • Px4 flight controller
  • Dual sonar sensors

Are you willing to explore the world through the lens of the Mantis Q? Get ready to control this powerful drone with the help of your mobile phone or an easy to use remote controller. The Yuneec Mantis Q is super tiny; you can stash it in your backpack, and off you go. It is designed with sophisticated foldable arms that increase its portability and handiness. You don’t need to be concerned about battery life, as this drone comes with a battery that can last almost 33 minutes of uninterrupted flight time. You can take your family with you and enjoy every moment out in the wild. Make the time you spend indoors even merrier with the Mantis Q every weekend.

The following is what you expect to find in the box:

Yuneec Mantis Q kit

  • Extra propellers
  • Battery
  • USB cable
  • Dock charger
  • Remote controller
  • Mantis Q
  • Power supply & adapter
  • Micro SD card

Turn your aerial videos into a cinematic experience with the Mantis Q camera that can be slanted at an angle, 20 or 90 degrees when airborne. Enhance the experience with the automatic flight functions, either the Orbit Me or Journey. Mantis Q will not crush into an object because it is fitted with dual sonar sensory systems that make it 100% safe indoors. Switch the Mantis into sport mode and experience the thrill that can make you gasp in admiration. Mantis Q is a real racer with a record of 44 mph. It’s time to set out for a road trip with your Mantis Q in hand and take pleasure in out of the ordinary clips and pictures.

DJI Phantom 3 (Professional)


DJI Phantom 3 (Professional) enables you to tell your story in a new way altogether. Relish in reaching great heights, all the way to the sky with Phantom 3. Take professional and high-quality pictures or video clips from a new angle with Phantom 3 drone. This drone introduces you to a world where only crystal-clear pictures do the talking. There is a lot you can do with a high definition video, especially sharing quality time with colleagues, family or friends. Capture even exciting moments in a wedding ceremony, office party or hiking in the Rocky Mountains only with a drone that gives you immeasurable features including in-built flight controls that work at the click of a button.

Key specifications

  • 4K UHD video resolution – 30 fps
  • 3 axis gimbal that is completely stabilized
  • Lightbridge live streaming.
  • DJI Pilot app
  • 12mp photos
  • GPS positioning
  • Total speed of 36mph in ATTI mode

If you choose to have a party indoors, worry not. DJI Phantom 3 has a Vision Positioning system that makes it possible to take super clear pictures, courtesy of stable and unshaken flights. Surprise your friends and colleagues with the drone’s Lightbridge live streaming feature that allows them to watch high definition videos, while it records on a Micro SD card. Moreover, the DJI Pilot app enables you to view the video live while controlling the camera at the same time.

Anyone with minimal knowledge or skills can control DJI Phantom 3. There’s always a tutorial to assist with the necessary steps and guidelines of unpacking and handling the drone, including the accessories. Beginners are not left behind as Phantom 3 is built with a safe mode that allows flying while learning before going fully professional. However, this is done in a controlled and safe setting.

DJI Phantom 3 kit

  • Additional batteries
  • 2 set of propellers
  • Propeller protectors
  • Cover and lens protector
  • Backpack
  • Remote strap

Phantom 3 is described as one of the best drones for photography. It is available in different varieties, which include standard, advanced, 4K and professional. The professional version is considered one of the best. The engineers made everything possible to ensure that this drone appeals to professional photographers. True to it, Phantom 3 can fly for slightly over 23 minutes and still cover approximately 5-kilometer radius.

DJI Mavic Pro


DJI Mavic Pro is giving filmmakers and professional photographers a reason to rise and be counted competitively in a drone-ready market. Mavic Pro is changing the way aerial photography is done in the present day, adding more dynamism into this industry in its entirety. DJI Mavic Pro is a petite-sized aircraft that conceals a lot of intricacies and stylishness. Only an utterly novice photographer will overlook this stunning jewel. DJI Mavic Pro is known to jumpstart hidden photography talents and skills in established photographers as well as beginners. There are definitely a lot of reasons why DJI Mavic Pro finds its place in the list of the best drones for photography.

Key specifications

  • 12 megapixels camera
  • 4K video resolution – 30 fps
  • Can do a maximum flight time of about 21 minutes
  • Total speed of 40 miles per hour in sport mode
  • It is portable

Mavic Pro is set apart by its ingenious design and functionality that gives it maximum evasion of obstacles. It is fitted with state of the art GPS technology and GLONASS that give it an edge in positioning, primarily when used in indoor or outdoor settings. Mavic Pro flies at approximately 40 miles per hour and can last for about 27 minutes in flight. It, however, compensates its somewhat slow speed with its high-tech stability framework that gives photographers only clear and unshaken clips. This explains why only high-quality shots sell.

DJI Mavic Pro kit

  • Additional batteries
  • Carrying bag
  • Car charger
  • Well insulated casing
  • Lens filters
  • Additional propellers

People with an undying desire to take their photography and film skills to the next level can consider having the Mavic Pro by their side. It can be purchased in the following models: basic, starter or fly. If you are an avid traveler or sightseer, who never wants to leave great memories behind, then Mavic Pro is ideal for you.

Professional photographers who intend to take their careers to sky-high business levels can also find this drone ideal for aerial photos and films. Mavic Pro is a true definition of an aircraft that does everything literally for you; as long as you are willing to play by the rules.

DJI Spark


DJI Spark is one of a kind drone that flies into the air right from your palm and gets into position to take a stunning “selfie.” This is a revolution of “selfies,” especially with an aircraft fully-built with functions and modes that allows it to make accurate face recognition, seconds before taking that shot. To add to this, you can control the movement of this drone by simply waving at it. Equally, the remote controller or your mobile device can turn this drone into a pleasurable flying device of all times. With simple taps, you can make idyllic clips or photos as you explore the world around you.

It has not been this easy to capture videos and process them on the go. There is no need to wait for your professional video editor to do the cuts and loops of your videos. With DJI Spark, you only need to download the DJI GO 4 App that has sophisticated editing and filtering features. You can edit your photos and videos and share them on social media instantly.

Key specifications

  • Can cover a flight distance of 12 miles
  • VPS range of 98 feet
  • Can last for about 16 minutes while airborne
  • 2 gimbal axis
  • Camera of 12 megapixels
  • 66 pounds weight
  • Sensory lens

There is literally no intelligent drone that can reach the levels of DJI Spark. This is especially counting on its high-tech TapFly functionality that allows you to envision a shot and your drone captures it. Spark, not only evades objects in a setting, it is built with the capacity to profile the immediate settings and objects around for better navigation and evasion. No more distorted images with DJI Spark’s ultra-smooth technology that reduces the shaking next to zero. The f2.6 camera lens adds a touch of clarity in every clip. Large picture elements are proof that all the pictures will appear real and full of colors.

The following are the items contained in the box:

DJI Spark kit

  • Extra batteries
  • Chargers
  • USB cable
  • Micro SD Card

Talk of power, DJI Spark has the strength of flying into the air enough with trifling wind resistance. This is owing to its sleek design and aerodynamic engineering technology. It is super lightweight and has a gimbal axis that provides exceptional stability in flight. Spark, like its name suggests, can do about 31 mph while pushing against strong winds. Do you want to watch real-time video footage as the aircraft is soaring in the air? Simply get access to a Wi-Fi connection and enjoy video transmission within a 2-kilometer radius.

Closing Thoughts on the Best Drones For Photography

This is just a small subset of what is actually out there today. There are a ton of manufacturers trying to get their slice of the pie. These are options that have a proven track record. Have a look at this article if you are specifically looking for a go-pro ready drone. If you are interested in learning more about how drone cameras work, check this out. Hopefully, this article helped you narrow down your search and gets you in the air!