6 Best FPV Racing Drones to buy in 2021 – Reviews

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Are you interested in the best FPV racing drone? Getting the right FPV racing drone can be a challenge due to the several varieties currently available in the market. However, there are manufacturers who have managed to come with some great FPV racing drones.

In this guide, we will cover the best selling FPV racing drones and provide you with a guide on what you should know when shopping for the right FPV racing drone.

It does not matter if you are a first-time drone racer or you are interested in updating yourself on drone racing, this guide will be of great help to you. Remember to compare these 6 drones when reading through their features, pros and cons. 

Quick Review of the Best Drone

Our winner is Holy Stone HS230 RC Racing FPV Drone.

When you are looking for an FPV racing drone with the best range, that is easy to fly and that has a strong resistance to wind, Holy Stone HS230 RC Racing FPV Drone emerges top. 

Detailed Review of the 6 Best FPV Drones

1. Holy Stone HS230 RC Racing FPV Drone 

The Holy Stone HS230 RC Racing FPV Drone is considered to be a good drone for any beginner and all experienced flyers. Its capability of turning beginner pilots into experienced flyers makes it the best option for any starter. It is also known to be a great drone for practicing quadcopter flying. This drone comes with an extra battery hence one can spend more time flying.

Holy Stone HS230 RC Racing FPV Drone is specifically built for speed thanks to its powerful motors. It comes equipped with a 720p HD camera hence; capable of taking high-quality videos even when flying at 45km/h. It also comes with a real-time transmitter. The combination of 5.8 GHz analog signal and 2.4 GHz radio transmission frequency bring the most fluent transmission which one can watch on an LCD screen.

The drone can fly in 3-speed modes, tailored for beginners, intermediate and experienced flyers. The highest speed that the drone can reach is 45 km/h which works out to 28 miles per hour. That is fast for a racing drone. However, if you are a beginner at FPV Drone Racing, it would be best to start with the low-speed setting.

The drone features smooth acceleration and deceleration. It is also known to make quick turns.

It also comes with a headless security feature which ensures that it does not get lost in flight. The headless security feature prevents it from off course or backward flying. Flyers are capable of doing a lot in the air such as 360° flips with this drone.

Flyers will quickly familiarize themselves with the transmitter’s four tilts making them fly even with more flexibility.


  • Has powerful motors installed for fast acceleration.
  • Its highest speed can get to 45km/h in a few seconds.
  • Easy to fly and has a strong resistance to wind.


  • It does not have GPS.

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2. Force1 Racing Drone with Camera Live Video FPV Racing Drone Kit

The Force1 Racing Drone with Camera Live Video FPV Racing Drone is a beginner drone that comes fully packed with features. This kit will provide you racing capabilities similar to custom built racing drones.

Measuring 15.6 x 13.8 x 6.5 inches and weighing 3.1 pounds, this drone has an extended flight time and operative range which makes it worth buying. This Force1 Racing Drone consists of a brushless motor tech that ensures no distortion takes place when flying. The flyer will also get smooth controls together with adjustable speed mode which will allow one to navigate between low and high speed with lots of ease.  The flyer can also get creative with the drone and perform flips, tricks, and other stunts.

This drone comprises of an HD camera with a live FPV feed making it possible for its users to monitor its movement through a smartphone application. It comes with an altitude hold, auto landing and takeoff and a headless mode which are very important to any beginner flyer. Force1 Racing Drone consists of three batteries and one has an option of registering for a fourth battery to help them fly all day long.

The Force1 Racing Drone also comes with a phone holder for FPV, prop guards, extra set of props and a small screwdriver. It has an SD card reader but one has to purchase a card. One great bonus of this racing drone is that its box can double as an easy to carry case.

Beginners and experienced flyers can be advised to go for this drone. 


  • Is blazingly fast.
  • Has smooth controls.
  • Good altitude hold.


  • Difficult to assemble.
  • Support is via email only.

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3. ARRIS C250 V2 250mm RC Quadcopter FPV Racing Drone 

ARRIS C250 V2 250mm RC Quadcopter FPV Racing Drone was specifically created for experienced flyers that are after racing and ready to win. The basic structure of its frame is similar to that of a tower structure which is known to be easy to assemble and repair. Its frame is made from high-quality 3K carbon fibre. Measuring 4mm thick, the ARRIS C250 arms are strong and durable and weigh 136g only.

These racing drones have been powered with high efficiency X2205 2300kv motors capable of providing a longer working life. The powerful 4S 1500mah 50C lipo battery has been used to power all its four motors. It uses the highly efficient 5042 propeller blades which are capable of increasing  performance againstthe standard blades by up to 10%. It’s HD camera is adjustable as opposed to the fixed position of other racing drones.


  • Has a bigger windward area.
  • Uses the latest high efficiency 5042 blades.
  • It is affordable.


  • Does not come as a complete drone and needs to be assessbled. 

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4. Blade BLH8570 Inductrix FPV Pro BNF Quadcopter

The Blade BLH8570 Inductrix FPV Pro BNF Quadcopter is a high-performance FPV drone which will be of great help when taking your indoor racing performance to the next level. With the popular Inductrix platform as its starting point, the Blade BLH8570 drone is considered to be perfect choice for those looking to get in to FPV racing. 

This drone features 19,000 KV motors for improved speed and power.

The most notable feature in this drone is the Betaflight configurable flight controller that offers one with the freedom of tailoring all flight rates, parameters and gains to the personal flying style of the flier.

It comprises of a frame design with extra reinforcements that improves the drone’s durability making it crash free. It also has new improved camera making it possible for one to access a wider range of bands and frequencies.

Its removable canopy offers the micro racer a sleek appearance and color scheme without affecting its performance or weight. It comes with 200mAh batteries which are behind its improved flight times.


  • Its high-speed motors provide rapid throttle response and high top speed with well-maintained stability.
  • It comprises of a new canopy that offers important protection for the flight controller together with other components while it remains lightweight and unobtrusive.
  • Tinkering and soldering are not necessary. All one has to do is bind to a compatible Spektrum transmitter and be in a position of enjoying high performance.
  • It comprises of impressive integrated 25mW VTX and optics with antenna that offers high performance and makes it more durable in a lightweight and sleek profile.


  • Has shorter flight time.

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5. Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone

Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone is a new drone offering first-person view camera via a headset that is specifically meant for teens that are older than 10 years. It is known to be a great value for money and a neat bit of technology.

This drone functions well as a starter drone with remote control with its FPV feature working very well. Just like other drones, flying it is not that easy. There are kids who will learn using it fast while others will need more time before they get used to flying it. The Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone is small enough hence one can fly it indoors as he or she gets used to it before heading outdoors.

It comes with a beginner mode which helps in ensuring that kids will not lose it as it flies out of control when they take them outside for the first time. It is lightweight hence; one will need to use it on a wind free day.


  • The drone together with its head set come in a nicely packaged box which can later be used in storing the kit. 
  • It comes with extra propellers just in case you will need to replace them.


  • Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone documentation is not appealing to the 10+ age group.
  • Can break easily if not handled properly.

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6. REDPAWZ R011 Micro FPV Racing Drone

The REDPAWZ R011 Micro FPV Racing Drone has followed the successful design of the TinyWhoop drone. This drone comprises of ducted blade protectors which apart from improving the efficiency of the propellers also makes the drone safe for kids.

The drone comes with tough 4-leaf propellers, which make it resistant to crash. The propellers also make the drone more powerful and makes it more resistant to wind.

The REDPAWZ drone is also capable of flying in 3 different speed modes, High, Medium and Low.

REDPAWZ R011 Micro FPV Racing Drone is equipped with 5.8G FPV instead of Wi-Fi. With the Wi-Fi FPV common in most toy grade drones, the 5.8G FPV is popular among the professional racing drones. The 5.8G will provide zero latency live video transmission.

REDPAWZ R011 Micro FPV Racing Drone box comes with a USB battery charger, two pairs of spare propellers, user manual, stickers, a screwdriver and a VR-D1 FPV headset consisting of all its accessories.

Its VTX antenna comes straight from the middle of the protective canopy allowing for good FPV range. It also has a button next to the antenna that makes it possible for one to change transmission channel. It also comprises of a tiny 1000 TVL AIO camera located in the front of the drone which makes the quality of images taken be nicer when compared to other cheap drones.


  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Comes with a complete 5.8 G FPV system.
  • It is of a great design
  • Comes with swap able battery.


  • The frame can tend to break. The free replacement frames are much stronger.
  • It has a shorter flight time.

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Buying Guide for the FPV Racing Drones

When shopping for the best FPV racing drone, there are a few features and some add-ons that one needs to keep in mind. With drones having varying camera quality and different types of batteries, it can be a bit tricky for one to know the best type of drone to buy. However, here are important factors that will be of great help when shopping for one.


Not all the drones in the market come with this important feature. You will never regret going for a drone that has been designed with the failsafe feature.

When shopping for the best FPV racing drone, ensure you go for one with an automated failsafe switch that will activate whenever your drone goes out of range. The dynamically located alarm will help in getting your drone back and flying it again.


A motor is the source of thrust that will be required by any drone to move it forward. When shopping for the best FPV racing drone, ensure that the overall thrust of the motors is double of the total weight of the drone. There are times when unconditional thrust does not offer optimal results as it instead complicates the drone’s maneuverability.

Headless Mode

This is an essential factor that most buyers fail to prioritize when shopping for the best FPV drone. Going for an FPV racing drone that has a headless mode will prevent you from having to worry about the drone’s orientation. It is a great asset for any beginner.

Charging Time

This refers to the total amount of time it takes to restore your battery’s full power. There are drones that come with more than one batter or you can always purchase extra batteries. It is important you factor in the total charging time since different drones are known to have different charging times.


It is one of the most important considerations any FPV racing drone buyer should consider when shopping for one. Depending on what you will be using your drone for, it is important that you have some knowledge on the drone’s range. Being aware of the drone’s range will enable you to plan for the races.


There you have it! By now you should have a solid and pretty understanding of the best FPV racing drones and should be in a position to make the wisest decisions when buying the best FPV racing drone. If you get serious, check out the best FPV racing leagues and good luck!

Happy Racing!